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Are you looking for past year test papers for your kids to practice?

You can get 2016 top school past years test papers below. All the test papers included CA1, SA1, CA2 and SA2.

You can download the 2016 top primary school exam papers below:


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Here are some studying tips to help your kid score well in an examination.

Study Advice – Preparing For The Examinations

Exams can be hard or easy, based on how you’ve planned for your exams. As we say, ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’

Planning is a vital stage in everybody’s lives. You need to plan for a trip and determine the locations to travel. You need to plan your schedule everyday. You may also plan to sleep at 10pm. Planning is unquestionably crucial so as to ensure you have taken care of every little thing.

Do you start to plan for your kid’s examinations? And do you know what qualities does your child require to be successful in planning for his/ her exams?

The most important question lots of people inquire is how early should a student prepare themselves for the exams? It all depends on the consistency of the student as well as the number of subjects which they are taking. For year-end exams, it is best to plan Three To Four weeks of studying time, and that’s if the student has been regularly following lectures and tutorials. If a student has not been consistent with his/her work, he/she most likely requires a couple of weeks more to improve the foundation. A student should also be prepared to stay with the plan, otherwise everything will fall short.

When planning, it is best to use a monthly calendar with all the exam dates written on it. Then, start to count the number of days a student has from now until the exams, and then split the time equally. In case your child is weaker in a subject, he/she may need to sacrifice time off from learning the best subject and devoting it to the weaker ones.

If your child has been constantly following up on the classes, the foundations ought to be sufficiently good. Therefore, he/she can spend the time practicing on past year test papers to ensure that he/she can obtain a feel of how good he/she is. Don’t forget to time your kid in order that you are aware of how fast he/she can finish a particular paper.

On the other hand, you may also opt to engage a home tutor from a good home tuition singapore agency to help your kid with the past year exam papers. An effective private tutor will be able to explain the concepts and principles of the topics whilst practicing the papers with your kid. Contact a reliable tuition agency singapore now.

Past year test papers from the 10 year series, along with school test papers from various other schools are highly recommended.

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Don’t forget that it’s preferable to focus on more difficult questions, than to work with easy ones and think you’ve got it correct, just to be satisfied and flunk the exams.

One more tip which everybody should know already will be to study for a specific exam when you’re taking it the following day. For instance, if tomorrow’s is the maths’ paper, study maths rather than physics. In case you have 2 papers on the exact same day, do ensure you can finish all of your studies on time!

Thanks for visiting test paper dot org, and good luck for you or your kid’s examinations.